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Shawn Donnan
Washington DC
Senior writer for Bloomberg @economics. Trade, globalisation etc. Ex @FT. Aussie member Red Sox nation. RTs not endorsements.
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From @LettieriDC
Very relatable quote on the trade war in this deep dive by @sdonnan.
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From @SVPR_Sweetheart
@LettieriDC @byHeatherLong @sdonnan Yes, and if China is bearing the cost of Trump tariffs, why does this corn farm…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SVPR_Sweetheart: AEI is a Koch front & @LettieriDC pushes Koch policies. Let's imagine the liberal part of your audience were informed of that & realized you & he are pushing anti-American, pro-0.001% policies. What sort of audience would you have left?