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Katie Walsh
Senior Advisor to @AmericaFirstPol, Former Chief of Staff @RNC for @reince. Relentless fan of @cardinals baseball.
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From @placeholderacctignorethis
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From @BluegillRises
This illegal alien needs to go. @NolteNC @FoxNews
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From @BluegillRises
Trump was elected to enforce our borders & immigration laws & remove those here illegally NO AMNESTY Put American…
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From @BluegillRises
Dirty Little Secret: Illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas' political partner was #NeverTrump tv pundit Mary Katharine…
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From @BluegillRises
BUSTED: Pro-amnesty #NeverTrumper traitor Katie Walsh (@KMWalsh_GOP) is the suspected leaker and attempted saboteur.
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From @BluegillRises
Looks like report that Katie Walsh (@KMWalsh_GOP) was leaking may have been wrong? Bannon praises her. via @mboyle1
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From @BluegillRises
To be fair to @KMWalsh_GOP, I've deleted links to reports suggesting she leaked. @mboyle1's sourced piece suggests she's not under suspicion
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BluegillRises: I missed your reply. In June I asked you: Does Sessions make arguments that would resonate w/ libs & undercut lib leaders?