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#TheResistance Low tolerance for liars, cheaters & mean people! Religious but not a hypocrite! ANTI-TRUMP! #ImpeachmentTaskForce #TeamPelosi #PelosiStrong
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From @AynRandPaulRyan
She seems nice. .@IndivisibleNet, do we have an ID on this fine, upstanding citizen? #TheWorldWouldBeBetterIf t…
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From @KindaFedUp
@AynRandPaulRyan @IndivisibleNet And I'm sure she will be in church on Sunday pretending to be a Christian. She loo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@KindaFedUp: FYI, AynRandPaulRyan blocked me for correctly pointing out she basically agrees with the #Koch bros (and Ryan) on #immigration. It's that type of behavior repeatedly endless by #TheResistance that explains in part why Trump won.