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Henry Gilbert
Berkeley, CA
I'm producer/podcaster/cohost of the Talking Simpsons and What A Cartoon podcasts! I also do freelance/consulting & share comics/games deals on occasion
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From @dwdavison9318
I can’t wait to watch the 2020 Democratic primary debates where eight ex-prosecutors and former CIA analysts try to…
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From @TLeafESQ
@dwdavison9318 @hEnereyG I am a criminal defense attorney for indigent clients. I can say without reservation that…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TLeafESQ: you & @dwdavison9318 are almost certainly diametric opposites. He gets paid by those who oppose ICE because they impede their efforts to lower wages. You get paid by those caught up as pawns in that effort. Like I said, diametric opposites.