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Kent Greenfield
Cambridge, MA
BC Law Prof; Expert on Constl and Corp Law; Author of Moore’s Fed Practice (SCOTUS volumes), Corps Are People Too (2018) & The Myth of Choice (2011).
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About 90 mins away from getting the last word on @TheLastWord about #MitchMcConnell and his duty to be impartial in…
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@Kentgreenfield1 @TheLastWord “Sixth generation Kentuckian Kent Greenfield...”
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I pity your clients (if any). Neither of you are smart enough to figure out where Trump is truly vulnerable to his base. If you could, you don't have the integrity to use it. MT @WarrenKZola [Kent's from KY!] MT @Kentgreenfield1 [doesn't like cut of Trump's, McConnell's jibs]