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Kay Hagan
Greensboro, NC
Former United States Senator from North Carolina. Currently serving as a @HarvardIOP fellow.
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RT @Ana_ExAFLCIO: Does going anti-immigrant help Dems? Ask @kayhagan @PryorForSenate @AlisonForKY @MaryLandrieu #noduh
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From @ZanP
Read @KayHagan’s Pro-Socialist, Pro-Marxist College Thesis #NCsen #tcot @ThomTillis
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.@ZanP: doubtful that reading of what Hagan wrote last century will change many minds. If you want Hagan to *lose*, use my plan instead.
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RT @kayhagan: Kay voted for a commonsense, bipartisan plan to fix our broken immigration system & secure our borders:…
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.@MovingNCForward: #immigration stance of @kayhagan would help Walmart Inc. drive down wages on Walmart workers. Which side are you on? #ows