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David Rust
Oakland, CA
Fungi, mycorrhiza, birds, deserts. Volleyball, pickleball. Cat dad. Past President, NAMA. Co-founder Bay Area Mycological Society.
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Trump’s ill-advised pardons will damage Americans’ view of the military, write @JoeKristol and @spetraeus
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@PostOpinions @MaxBoot @JoeKristol @spetraeus And damage the military's view of our democracy. If Gallagher gets a…
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@PostOpinions @MaxBoot @JoeKristol @spetraeus Worth a read. Being patriotic requires much more than what @potus has…
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Keep reading, Trump's working on trouncing people like you again. OTOH, you'll have four more years of whining. MT @FrankJannuzi Worth a read... MT WaPo [hypes @JoeKristol 's blog "Say, old chap, I simply cannot abide this Trump fellow. I do not like the look of his jib."]
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.@DavidRust5: being "Past President, North American Mycological Association" earns points around here. Now, you need to review reality. Nothing those like @joekristol have ever said about Trump has done anything other than helped him. They aren't smart enough to change that.