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Taking Citizen duty seriously.COS QRTeam, Conservative. Wife, Mom. Married,raised USMC, HoustonTX
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.@ZanP: why are you relying on people like Boehner to do what you want? Why aren't you doing things that force Boehner, Obama, etc to do it?
.@ZanP: doubtful that reading of what Hagan wrote last century will change many minds. If you want Hagan to *lose*, use my plan instead.
@ZanP: the Heritage immigration questions are incredibly weak, pols will use them to launch into a stock speech. Use my questions instead.
.@ZanP: I need lots of other people to tweet questions to @Reince, he won't respond to me. Go to his events too. #tcot #tgdn #GOP #sgp #RNC
.@ZanP: the vastly smarter alternative to marching: Will you get @DCMarchforJobs to do it? #tcot
@ZanP: the lists I'm on... #Teaparty = vile dolts. #p2
@ZanP: oddly, #teaparty & #libertarian are most vile, least able to debate ppl I've met online. Some #p2 #tlot = lil' facists; TPers = 99.9%