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Karl Ravech
Bristol, Ct.
Very proud dad. ESPN's Baseball Tonight-MLB/Little League/College World Series, College basketball play by play. #Pug power
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.@karlravechespn: 18 years later, there are lots of Q's about what exactly happened on 9/11 & before. It'd be childlike to assume we know all we should know, yet the establishment works hard to smear anyone who asks questions. It was also great for the surveillance state.
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.@karlravechespn: I'd heard of "The Office" but I hadn't seen any of it until they played Arkona. I watched a few eps after that. #ESPN
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.@karlravechespn: most famous Latvian is actually Laima Jansone. Please tweet a correction. #CWS #TCU #Florida #MAGA #resist