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Avengers Mansion NYC
#HeroesResist #TheResistance #AvengersAssemble. Down with @1Ironman2017. War Machine ROX with an X, all CAPS. Sometimes you fall to get back up. No DM's
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Teaparty "spoke out" against Obamacare. MT @WarMachine_2017: Ask your Sen if they're holding townhall... need to speak out against AHCA
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RT @WarMachine_2017: Ask your Senator if they're holding a town hall over the recess. (202)224-3121 We need to speak out against AHCA h…
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.@WarMachine_2017: since Teaparty failed, why are you encouraging the same failed tactics against #Trumpcare? You open to smarter ideas?
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.@WarMachine_2017: @robquistformt couldn't answer a simple question: Trump'd walk all over him. #Montana