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Julie Lowen
San Diego, CA
I believe in TeamWork! I will work with any President, any party, any person! I care about kids and work everyday to give them safe places to play, grow & learn
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From @Rendon63rd
The Assembly is making a major commitment to #EarlyEd in this year’s #CABudget, including: Expanding access for:…
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From @JulieLowen
@Rendon63rd @Child_360 Please verify that decisions are made based upon merit and not politics! Every Child Deserve…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JulieLowen: FYI, your tweet ("Please verify that decisions are made based upon merit/not politics! Every Child Deserves to begin life with Big Dreams!") to @Rendon63rd @Child_360 was censored by Twitter (put into the "LowQuality" section, see my top tweet). Ask them to oppose.