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Ravi 🇮🇳
Fitness Freak🏋️, Wanderer🚶, Opinionated 📣, Hindu 🙏, Vegan🥗. YOLO 🤘. 'Follow Back' not assured. Likes/RTs ≠ Endorsement. Be Nice Plz.
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From @AdityaRajKaul
How a photograph looks when it isn't doctored!!!
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From @RK579
@AdityaRajKaul Photoshopped for sure... Terribly done.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Also obviously, Kaul can't avoid falling for Trump's troll & thus helping him. I suggest finding Trump critics who don't fall for his trolls but who know how to go after Trump where he's vulnerable. MT @RK579 [obviously fake] MT @AdityaRajKaul [falls for Trump's dog pic troll]