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Dokkum binnen de Bolwerken, Friesland
Dutch-SA Retired Medical Journalist. Maintains archive of attacks/murders on Afrikaners in South Africa by black militants
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South Africa under the ANC-terrorist regime imposes racial quotas on school athletics, penalising white children.…
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.@danroodt: hey Dan, 3 years ago I sought @AdrianaStuijt help with using ACLU to undercut SPLC but never heard back. Doing that would eventually help you. Do you want to help, do you have excuses why you won't help, or will you also clam up?
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RT @tmc363: Guys if your tired of the censorship let's do something about this libtard platform and try out gab. It's beta but it's not ran…
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Or, you could help me get ACLU to speak out against it. Undercut SPLC. MT @AdrianaStuijt RT @tmc363: Guys if your tired of the censorship...