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Julie Anderson 🌊
Brisbane, Australia
Aussie, lived in the US for years, Honourary American by ex marriage (yes, I packed my extra vowels when I came back home). #Resist
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From @Steve8yanks
Another disgraceful Trump supporter @mshields007 uses the murder of young girl by an undocumented immigrant to defl…
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From @JulieAnderson01
@Steve8yanks @mshields007 Yes I had a conversation with a Trumper today on Facebook, who did exactly that! It's lik…
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From @Steve8yanks
@JulieAnderson01 @mshields007 Yup! I just tweeted @TheRickWilson asking him his opinion since he was in the discuss…
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From @JulieAnderson01
@Steve8yanks @mshields007 @TheRickWilson So, are they all "told" by Fox News what to say to distract? They're like…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JulieAnderson01 @TheRickWilson: mshields007 wants a career after Trump. Use that to reduce his ability to support Trump by urging CNN etc to pin Shields down on specific things Trump does. "Would you support Pres Chelsea doing the same thing Trump just did?" etc.