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Judge Bob Orr
Retired NC Supreme Court justice, advocate for college athletes. Working in appellate and NC Constitutional law area and for parks and land conservation groups.
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From @leylasantiago
As a journalist I am proud of the work we did in Puerto Rico after Hurricane María. As a Puerto rican, I am gratef…
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From @JuliainRaleigh
@leylasantiago @JudgeBobOrr @RTDNA @CNN Congrats! Well deserved. And remember if ever the critics’ voices become to…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JuliainRaleigh: @leylasantiago cheered FEMA helos dropping pallets of small water bottles... in a light rain. Small water bottles aren't sustainable, but cisterns to gather rain are. She *harmed* #PuertoRico by not being familiar with how billions live around the world.