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Los Angeles, CA
AllenDulles is PatientZero for the cancer that turned Our Democracy into a CriminalState Kleptocracy but its ok to just focus on TrumpRussia too. ReadingList ⬇️
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From @TheNationsRiver
Thanks for adding our statement to this piece @peltzmadeline - correcting @TuckerCarlson's misinformation and bigot…
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From @dominique6138
@TheNationsRiver @peltzmadeline @TuckerCarlson I am just here to watch TuckerCarlson get owned
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@dominique6138: Tucker wasn't "owned", except to those who already disagreed with him. The @TheNationsRiver blog is mostly just Kumbaya & handwaving as devoid of stats as Tucker's claim. #TheResistance & #MAGA have the same difficulties.
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From @AndyKroll
NEW: I embedded with @AndrewYang's insurgent presidential campaign, interviewed Yang and #YangGang members, and tri…
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From @dominique6138
@AndyKroll @AndrewYang @RollingStone Sorry I still dont get it. ‍️ There must be some kind of brainwashing proaga…
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From @Michael31415492
@dominique6138 @AndyKroll @AndrewYang @RollingStone The #Yanggang fervor makes sense in that because he is so diffe…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@dominique6138: Yang stole at least 1 of his planks. That is, he took the same boilerplate other candidates are given, then slightly rewrote it to look original to his fans. Did @AndyKroll call him on that or on the huge flaws in Yang's ideas as a real journalist would?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Plus, he programmed Michael31415492. #YangGang #MAGA #resist MT @Michael31415492 The #Yanggang fervor makes sense [generic rationale...]