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Josh Fox EndFossilFuels
Brooklyn, NY & Milanville, PA
Oscar-nominated director of GASLAND, THE TRUTH HAS CHANGED, HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD,AWAKE A DREAM FROM STANDING ROCK. Bernie Sanders Surrogate. #banfracking!
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From @joshfoxfilm
RT @WaywardWinifred: As hundreds of volunteers for @Ocasio2018 hit the @justicedems dialer to make phone calls for their candidate, Joe Cro…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@joshfoxfilm: hey Josh, have you seen how pro-mass #immigration Big Biz is? USChamber, Tyson Foods, WalMart, The Fed, big banks, growers, etc. all want mass immigration to lower wages. @Ocasio2018 would *help* them. She'd help USChamber get all the cheap labor they want.