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Mueller, She Wrote Podcast
San Diego, CA
Webby-Award winning & women-run podcast unraveling the Trump-Russia investigation, and now, impeachment. ▶️ Follow our sister show: @dailybeanspod
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From @MuellerSheWrote
I’m really interested in how the good people at @Sharpie will react to #sharpiegate. I hope it’s epic.
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From @jjnielsen22
@MuellerSheWrote @Sharpie Hell, doesn’t anyone in the White House know how to use Photoshop?
24AheadDotCom_'s avatar
From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jjnielsen22: hey Jeff, 4 years ago I accurately predicted how Trump's "wall"/Muslim Ban/etc. would fail. If those with megaphones had amplified that he would have lost. Instead, those like you & @MuellerSheWrote just did kid's stuff like #sharpiegate that only helped Trump.
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From @ravelry
We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. We cannot provide a space that is inclusi…
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From @goldfinchie
@ravelry Has someone hacked your account?
Chuck Taggart, Private Eye 🖖🏻✊🏻's avatar
From @SazeracLA
@goldfinchie @ravelry Do you support putting children in concentration camps?
CatoTheBarner's avatar
From @CatoTheBarner
@SazeracLA @goldfinchie @ravelry What does Barack Obama have to do with this?
Boo 👻's avatar
From @BenEcker
@CatoTheBarner @SazeracLA @goldfinchie @ravelry How many deaths happened there during the Obama years? If you have…
CatoTheBarner's avatar
From @CatoTheBarner
@BenEcker @SazeracLA @goldfinchie @ravelry 2009: 10 2010: 9 2011: 11 2012: 5 2013: 9 2014: 6 2015: 7 2016: 12 2017: 10 2018: 12 That many.
Jane Roberts's avatar
From @janelola
@ravelry Hey @MuellerSheWrote @gaslitnation @openargs this is what the beginning of a revolution looks like. Knitte…
24AheadDotCom_'s avatar
From @24aheaddotcom_
It's a KNITTING FORUM. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist RT @ravelry We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy
24AheadDotCom_'s avatar
From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CatoTheBarner: @BenEcker 's link "opposing" Trump is from Cato, a Koch-funded group that supports loose borders in order to help Koch & Big Biz lower wages. They've also indirectly given Trump millions by not opposing him. He responded by pushing their agenda.
24AheadDotCom_'s avatar
From @24aheaddotcom_
A "revolution" of knitters is hilarious, but the only way to oppose Trump is by engaging his fans & showing them wrong. @ravelry trying to stifle debate just helps Trump. MT @janelola Knitters and crocheters are pissed, now we have action and not just words