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Josh Russell
Indiana, USA
Tweets about ru trolls, twitter bots, disinfo, hoaxes, and internet stuff. Featured on @CNN, @BBC, @NPR, @NBC Bylines @thedailybeast
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From @60Minutes
60 Minutes finds over 300 video ads for President Trump were taken down, mostly over the summer, for violating comp…
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From @MomentoAnima
@60Minutes @josh_emerson Now that just leaves the ads for the cult over at @EpochTimes that I’m being flooded with…
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From @MarkDice
@60Minutes Correction: 60 Minutes is calling for more election interference hoping to stop Trump's re-election.
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From @PapaCoke
@MarkDice @60Minutes A company policing content on its servers ≠ “Election Interference” It’s hilarious how you gu…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Indeed. It's getting so bad I've been turning them in to the Chinese govt. [Note: that's just satirical, I'm pro-speech] MT @MomentoAnima Now that just leaves the ads for the cult over at @EpochTimes that I’m being flooded with currently even after blocking the page itself
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From @24aheaddotcom_
MT @MarkDice [Youtube censorship is just "election interference". I make a non-partisan campaign by elites partisan, helping them] MT @PapaCoke [YT censorship is great, great they censor "baseless propaganda", Big Biz deciding what I can see is great! I'm not a real liberal!]