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Valerie Hopkins
Prishtina + Belgrade
DC native, Balkan flaneur/journo @BIRN, @PrishtInsight. Fmr @Reuters @OCCRP @MAColumbiajourn @williamandmary. Bylines @FP @AJEnglish, more. Cyclist & Turophile!
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Ex-Reuters & PBS/CBC, hyping years old propaganda -> MT @VALERIEin140 RT @justinsb: Alabama immigration: crops rot as workers vanish
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.@VALERIEin140 @justinsb: the 5-year-old @Edpilkington tale you hype is deceptive proganda:
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.@VALERIEin140 @justinsb @Edpilkington: 100 years ago you'd be enabling child labor; 150 years ago slavery.
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@24AheadDotCom_ Oh yeah? Funny, because I was in that field with the rotting tomatoes and I took the photo. Impressed that you know better