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Jon Wiener
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Host/producer of The Nation's weekly podcast and the TrumpWatch Podcast
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.@JonWiener1 @DavidCayJ: I can't imagine being paid to do something & then spectacularly failing at it for years, but I have a sense of shame. Work your way through this, try your best to understand what you should be doing, & start doing it
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Donald Trump’s “mountain of tax cheating”: David Cay Johnston @DavidCayJ on Trump family financial fraud – on…
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.@JonWiener1: I'm sure you live in our present reality & will agree that how Trump has been opposed clearly doesn't work. If that's not clear, review the fact that he's the President & that his opponents can't touch him. You, @DavidCayJ, #TheResistance are, in a word, impotent.