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Jacob Martin
Host of the JMN Show. Fighting to keep our Liberties and Freedoms safe!! 🇺🇸🗽🐘
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From @MarkDice
Liar. If Facebook or Twitter banned pro-LGBT accounts, you'd scream discrimination and the gov would sue them. Wh…
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From @tedlieu
@MarkDice Unlike you, I believe government does not have the power to tell Facebook or Twitter or Google who they can or can't ban.
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From @JMartiNBeast
@tedlieu @MarkDice .@tedlieu This is a fight you cannot win. If it's our fault we recieve bad press from the media,…
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From @ByConservative
@MarkDice Mr. Leiu stated his facts perfectly clear I spent eight years on active Duty and National Guard defending…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ByConservative: the real data at my top tweet shows #Twitter heavily censors millions of all kinds of users via ghosting. High-profile cons are insignificant compared to that. Use that data to show @MarkDice doesn't care about real data & has no concern for millions of victims.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JMartiNBeast: Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users (via ghosting aka shadowbans). See the real data at my top tweet.