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Michael Busch
Planetary astronomer, studying piles of rock in space. Reader of books. Drinker of tea. He/him. Opinions expressed here are only my own. To bigotry no sanction.
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From @latimes
Trump administration tries to block abortion for pregnant undocumented immigrant
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From @woods_madge
@latimes So wrong!
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From @mmadwin
@woods_madge @latimes So a girl being held in a detention facility for entering the country illegally should get a…
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From @michael_w_busch
@mmadwin @woods_madge @latimes Zero federal taxpayer dollars fund abortions - the Hyde Amendment is in effect. This…
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From @deliveryguy6980
@michael_w_busch @mmadwin @woods_madge @latimes She's ILLEGAL..she's got no rights to be here. No tax payer$$? Plan…
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From @michael_w_busch
@deliveryguy6980 (1) No human is illegal. (2) Everyone has human rights. No, that does not change with immigration…
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From @Mike94824633
@michael_w_busch @deliveryguy6980 Try entering any other country illegally and say this to immigration officers.
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From @michael_w_busch
@Mike94824633 (1) There are many countries that don't criminalize undocumented immigration - Mexico is one of them.…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
They put them in camps. MT @michael_w_busch There are many countries that don't criminalize undocumented immigration - Mexico is one of them
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From @michael_w_busch
@24AheadDotCom_ Mexico penalizes undocumented immigration with a fine. And _none_ of this does anything to excuse…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@michael_w_busch: does Mexico put Guatemalan etc illegal aliens in camps, yes or no?