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Like a really terrible Andy Kaufman.
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.@jonrosenberg: in grown up terms, can you explain why you oppose Trump?
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.@24AheadDotCom_ If you're looking for an Internet Argument, I'm happy to oblige. Please see my $30 Patreon tier.
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From @daggeremoji
@24AheadDotCom_ There's a number of people doing that professionally.
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.@jonrosenberg: I looked at some of your tweets & all I see is name-calling, cutesy snark, & in-group preening. Have a valid argument?
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And sucking at it, really, really bad. #Trump2016 MT @JimmyBrangus There's a number of people [making anti-Trump arguments] professionally.
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.@JimmyBrangus: one good thing Trump has done is shown how incredibly incompetent the elites' lil' helpers are. They can't stop *Trump*!