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58 Warren St, New York, NY
The world's oldest & largest mystery fiction specialty bookstore, located in Manhattan, shipping worldwide. Home of @penzlerpub, @eMysteries & @MysteriousPress
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From @PhilMcCausland
Genius pal @jimmycajoleas is reading from his latest novel @TheMysterious Bookshop tomorrow! Don’t miss him, this s…
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From @jimmycajoleas
@PhilMcCausland @TheMysterious thanks phil!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jimmycajoleas: now, @PhilMcCausland blogs about Trump's "savage" tweet, harping on race. It's like something you'd find in a backwoods Alabama newspaper 60 years ago, in reverse. OTOH, OCD-based blogs like his help Trump so there's that, right?