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Somerset ct. Reservation
C'est La Vie . Great friend once told me”u should 69 each other”.Trying to keep my head above water. Life is random but luck isn't- @Jason
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From @courrielche
Does Trump realize that his reelection and legacy depends on this moment? If he doesn't get a wall now, it will be a landslide in 2020.
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From @JerseyPete254
@courrielche Not necessarily true ... plus Dems r doing everything they can for the wall not go up
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JerseyPete254: when Trump's out of office, Dems will simply neglect/tear down his "wall". If Trump trades amnesty for his "wall", we'll get all the amnesty, none of the border security. @courrielche simply isn't smart enough to figure that out & develop smarter plans.