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Rulon James Downard
Spokane WA
#TIP Troubles in Paradise anticreationism project + new "Evolution Slam Dunk" science book & "The Paralogs of Phileas Fogg" steampunk mystery sci fi adventure
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From @AnnCoulter
Pelosi at women's march: “We want women to know their power in so many respects — by showing up not only on the day…
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From @RJDownard
@AnnCoulter Are you dim (well yes you are) ... do you forget protests of righteous worry at airports when the first…
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From @RonWelker2
@RJDownard @AnnCoulter I'll bet Rulon James Downward was one of the libtards that screamed he was relocating to Canada if DJT was elected.
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From @RJDownard
@RonWelker2 @AnnCoulter No, I'm a proud American & plan to stay here & weather out the Trumplandia mess that has so…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RJDownard: how to undercut Coulter *to her supporters*. Because anything else doesn't count: #TheResistance #resist