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Political Satirist, Doc Filmmaker. My Jewish baseball movie starts in NY and LA on 9/6. My punk rock movie next year. This Twitter thing was a hobby. Now its...
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Funnier: how voters rejected ppl like you. MT @jeremynewberger: Trump just set world record for guy rejected by more women in single day
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From @TheRealSpaf
RT @jeremynewberger: .@RealDonaldTrump just set the world record for the guy rejected by more women in a single day in the history of human…
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.@TheRealSpaf @kcivey: you RT @jeremynewberger. I'm curious if people like you are self-aware or are blissfully ignorant of your failure.
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Donald Trump just said the words "ground game" three times in the same sentence to @jaketapper. #NHPrimary
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.@jeremynewberger: @jaketapper treats leading a country of 300+ million like vying for SB50. Tapper lacks brains/balls to ask real questions