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Todd Gurley II
Former RB for UGA now with the Los Angeles Rams.#RipHiGgz love you bro | ROC BOY!! | @officialmadefdn
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From @NFL
.@TG3II stiff-arms his way into the end zone! #LARams : #SEAvsLAR on NBC : NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch fre…
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From @Bleedblue062
@NFL @TG3II I’m a Hawks fan and I still can’t believe they didn’t flex this game to Niners-Saints
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From @WisdomDavee
@Bleedblue062 @NFL @TG3II SF-NO was protected by FOX
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@WisdomDavee: what would happen to an NHL player who took off his helmet & used it to commit a felonious assault on a defenseless opponent? @NFL is not only a joke of a sport, it's cultural ebola and completely un-Canadian.