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Emily Knapp
Washington, DC
Digital Editor at @Politico || Formerly @ABC News || @PureMichigan native || @UMich alum || Drinker of ALL the coffee || RTs are not endorsements.
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From @emilyroseknapp
America is aging. The median age of the president, House speaker, Senate majority leader and top 3 Democratic presi…
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From @John_QPublic
@emilyroseknapp @BresPolitico 230 years? Not that old for a political document. Magna Carta is a bit older, but still relevant.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Sleaze like Knapp are "passive eliminationists": she wouldn't actively put old people (esp whites) on trains, she would just cheer it happening. MT @John_QPublic MT [@emilyroseknapp blog about U.S. being "gerontocracy"]