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Jackie Calmes
Washington, D.C.
Editor, LA Times DC bureau. Ex NYT & WSJ, covering White House, Congress, politics & policy for 3+ decades. Ex of TX, OH
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From @jackiekcalmes
Trump is at the CDC talking to reporters about the coronavirus outbreak & just asked the Fox News reporter whether…
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From @PaulaPa04761511
@jackiekcalmes @jacoker2 Omg
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From @jacoker2
@PaulaPa04761511 @jackiekcalmes Sad and scary! The numbers in TX are rising rapidly.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jacoker2: the way to force Trump to be better is to show him incompetent to his base. None of your leaders - @jackiekcalmes on up - even have that as a goal. Her only goal is to tell people like you how bad Trump is so you'll keep clicking her blog. Name *one* counterexample.