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ilyse hogue
Washington, DC
President of @NARAL Pro-Choice America. Proud Texan. Mom. Partner to @neffinger. Shark lover/avocado hater. She/her.
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Some news: Murdoch lieutenant Col Allan ordered the removal of the New York Post's story on Jean Carroll's sexual a…
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Asked why Murdoch lieutenant Col Allan would order the removal of the Post story about Carroll's accusation against…
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@oliverdarcy Indeed. We already know why.
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.@ilyseh: what's the oliverdarcy end game? That is, what would happen if he took over? We'd have lynching (virtual or real) as people are convicted & sentenced without trial. And, we wouldn't have dissent as Zuck gets to decide what everyone can see.
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.@ilyseh: why can't @MsJodieEvans answer this simple question: ? Afraid of admitting she's NeoLiberal? #REVEL #ows