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Brilliant, OH
The most dangerous thing in the world is a confident white man
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.@jake_bradford_1 @moreRickyVaughn: will you tweet reporters who hyped the SPLC's report & ask them to post updates?
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@24AheadDotCom_ @moreRickyVaughn They won't! And the SPLC is a hate group itself.
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.@jake_bradford_1 says "They won't! And the SPLC is a hate group itself" to my suggestion to do some good by asking journos to post updates.
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.@jake_bradford_1: when journos don't update their SPLC "Trump Effect" posts, then that can be used against them. @moreRickyVaughn
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.@jake_bradford_1: I have this all planned out. How about trying things my way all the way & doing some good? @moreRickyVaughn