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Ilya Marritz
Nueva York
[ILL-ya MARE-itz] Son of a refugee. Reporter @wnyc. Co-hosting Trump Inc. podcast, produced with @ProPublica. DMs open. Email: imarritz at you know the rest.
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From @MadisonKittay
@ilyamarritz @partlowj @Fahrenthold So....slaves. Trump had slaves.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MadisonKittay: @ilyamarritz etc are going after Trump on that to *enable* illegal immigration. They don't want it to stop, they want it to continue & more so. That means, due to your blind hatred of Trump, you're in the position of enabling widespread worker abuse.
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From @Debie_Lynne
@ilyamarritz @KatCapps @partlowj @Fahrenthold I'd like to cook one meal or put one drink for Trump
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From @24aheaddotcom_
What would you do? Have you ever taken a personality test or similar, such as one mandated by a court? MT @Debie_Lynne I'd like to cook one meal or put one drink for Trump [winking face]
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From @ilyamarritz
the waiter who knew how to pour Trump's coke *just*the*right*way* was Mexican, working with fake papers. Remarkable…
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@ilyamarritz @ReaIDonnaSiciIy @partlowj @Fahrenthold They also had to work overtime without pay. Were told to clock…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BLH_BLH: you know how GOP riles up the base using gender neutral bathrooms etc to push what they really want? That's exactly what @ilyamarritz is doing to you. He's using your dislike of Trump to get you to fall for NeoLiberalism (loose borders/free trade/globalism).