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Jennifer Bukowsky
Columbia, MO
Host #JenniferBukowskyShow @939theeagle. Award-winning trial & appellate attorney. Married mom of 2 boys. Centrally located. #KAG & #StandWithRand.
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From @RaheemKassam
Holy shit Facebook just said it’s OKAY to threaten ⁦@PrisonPlanet⁩. No I’m not talking abstractly or indirectly.…
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From @esqonfire
@RaheemKassam @PrisonPlanet I clicked believing I’d agree w FB’s decision as I have a very strong presumption again…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@esqonfire: @RaheemKassam & @PrisonPlanet are zero help to those censored, incl themselves. They're solipsistic grifters who *help* those they pretend to oppose by always making everything about themselves to get clicks. Enabling them is enabling censorship.