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In Your Attic (Cue Evil Laugh)
Ω Comic, ❄️Military Officer (RET), LGBTQ Activist, Iraqi Vet, Psychologist MSMH, Certified Career Counselor.
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@AnnCoulter Can’t be Ann. You are my greatest memory of CPAC 2000. Met you at the NRA table and you gave me your a…
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@jsbteague1 @AnnCoulter She don’t remember poor people
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.@Jethro_Aryeh @jsbteague1: there's a very easy way to undercut AnnCoulter on her signature issue. Just point out future Congresses will neglect/tear down Trump's "wall". It's a very easy argument to make & it'd undercut her & Trump to their bases. Why won't #resist make it?