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Tim Moore
California, USA
Twitter, where Preference Bubbles come to life. US Army vet. I block crackpots, life is too short to listen to them.
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From @TuckerCarlson
We spend a lot of time talking about the threat to free speech. It’s not an academic question. If they can force yo…
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From @k2beale
@TuckerCarlson Thank you Tucker for what you do and keep on pushing back!!!!!....we need you in the media
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From @Heathcoatman
@TuckerCarlson So you are free to say whatever disgusting thing that crosses your tiny mind, but businesses aren't…
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From @MichaelDavidNi1
@Heathcoatman @TuckerCarlson It's factual. It's objective. Over 50% of them use our welfare programs (I.e. Free mon…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@k2beale: the small group of anti-speech far-lefties plaguing @TuckerCarlson could be easily stopped if he & his fans were smart, rational, & not lazy. USA desperately needs someone who can undercut Sleeping Giants. Reality shows Carlson & his fans aren't up to the task.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MichaelDavidNi1: @TuckerCarlson just ain't bright. If he were, he could easily undercut Sleeping Giants. Instead, he helps them (like by pretending everyone in "the left" supports them). If Tucker were smart, he'd go after Dem/Big Biz leaders, not illegal aliens themselves.