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From @kayleighmcenany
.@TeamTrump & the @GOP continue to break fundraising records, driven by the evident and unprecedented enthusiasm fo…
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From @bobmcw53
@kayleighmcenany @NYCNavid @TeamTrump @GOP @realDonaldTrump No, it's driven by wealthy people who got a multimillio…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bobmcw53: since everything #TheResistance has done against @kayleighmcenany & Trump has failed miserably, isn't it kinda time to do smart things? Find someone to ask him/her this question:
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From @Patta47cake
@Comey Because they are in a cult. @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @senatemajldr @GOPLeader have all been hypnotized and are made to act that way.
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From @ChipmunkSeeds
@Patta47cake @Comey @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @senatemajldr @GOPLeader I keep saying that I think they must somehow…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
That's it. Also, how do magnets work? MT @ChipmunkSeeds I keep saying that I think they must somehow be hypnotizing these followers of his..
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From @gimleteyeLA
@dabeard @slpng_giants Of all the @GOP stupidities, this may be the worst: flu virus can mutate into much more dang…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@gimleteyeLA: does BP already flu vax, or did you speak w/o doing research? Did you ever stop to wonder why docs did their stunt & why you hear about it from @dabeard? The kids are just props. This is about enabling mass immigration in order to help Big Biz lower wages.
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From @kausmickey
Here's a PDF on why HR 5038's bad It's a big amnesty for agricultural workers-with a catch:…
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From @hook910
@kausmickey in other words, it's @gop's "open borders" policy in a nutshell
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From @24aheaddotcom_
If you truly care, then ask @kausmickey / Coulter/NumbersUSA why they've consistently refused to help with the much smarter anti-amnesty plan in my bio. It'd end amnesty for good. Go ahead & ask them why they won't help. MT @hook910 it's gop's "open borders" policy in a nutshell
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From @sbplama
@JuliaDavisNews @Grant2Carla We cannot lose sight of the way Russian intel used the @NRA to infiltrate the @gop
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@sbplama: as a "Computational Analysis of Eustatic & Tectonic Signals" per your bio, does Putin want more U.S. censorship, less of it, or does he not care? Does Daily Beast constantly push censorship, yes or no? Has @JuliaDavisNews pushed censorship, yes or no?
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From @nickconfessore
"Rudy Giuliani told me his son’s hire 'wasn’t the usual 'hire my kid’ situation.” "Giuliani fills out his time by…
@nickconfessore @elainaplott The blind spot of the @GOP and Trump loyalists who are unable/unwilling to see the dou…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@IMTHEMIDDLESIS1: Rudy's extremely vulnerable to MAGA over amnesty, national ID, TTC, Rockefeller, etc. etc. Has @nickconfessore ever even mentioned that, or has he helped Rudy by not even mentioning where Rudy is extremely vulnerable to Trump's base?
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From @robertgmz5
⭐ATTENTION BETO NATION AND FELLOW RESISTERS⭐ The @GOP and @NRA are taking their fear of @BetoORourke into Overdriv…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@robertgmz5: all it'd take is an experienced questioner (such as a trial lawyer) "cross-examining" Beto on the huge flaws in his policies on video for Youtube and he'd have trouble winning a race for Texas Chili Commissioner.
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From @Msbmoran
And yet NO one is doing anything about it. @TeamPelosi @GOP @TheDemocrats
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Figure out why: because Trump's loudest opponents just aren't that smart. D2W can't figure out Trump's appeal & his vulnerabilities. Putin is very smart & can; D2W isn't in his league. MT @Msbmoran [to @duty2warn] And yet NO one is doing anything about it
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From @zackbeauchamp
I went to the National Conservatism conference. What I learned is that the conservative nationalist project is doom…
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From @opticsneeze
@zackbeauchamp Ignorance will never win in a free society. The @GOP is doomed.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@opticsneeze: Trump's horrific, but compare @zackbeauchamp to the Koch bros. They support loose borders, so does Zack. They support free trade, so does Zack. They support globalism, so does Zack. Zack would help the wealthy profit from harming workers & the USA as a whole.
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From @ChrisCuomo
4 house Republicans -- Will Hurd, Brian Fitzpatrick, Fred Upton and Susan Brooks supported Democrats in passing a r…
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From @WiseLadySoCA
@ChrisCuomo The @gop has hit a big low. They're willing to accept the atrocious statements @potus makes all because…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@WiseLadySoCA: on Mon, @ChrisCuomo had on Ron Brownstein, a "passive eliminationist" who - while he wouldn't put whites on trains - cheers the declining # & % of whites. Trump is mostly just playing Ed Anger; Brownstein is a hard-core racist. And, Cuomo didn't call him on it.