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Gaye Haynes
Kentucky, USA
Psych teacher/active League of Women Voters member/KY Democrat
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From @ScottJenningsKY
All anyone needed to know about this #SchumerShutdown strategy could be found in Red State Dem votes Friday night.…
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From @ghaynes57
@ScottJenningsKY Why do you & other commentators have to make this into a game? This is about the lives of 800,000…
Deplorable NRA-Pig 5.56/.357 Gojko ShitHole NotBot's avatar
From @GojkoK
@ghaynes57 @ScottJenningsKY BWAHAHAHAHA. Reality? THEY ARE ILLEGAL. How many did what they were supposed to unde…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@GojkoK: @ScottJenningsKY is a full-on, hardcode amnesty fan. He supports amnesty as much as Schumer, Pelosi, and Soros. He's not even a RINO. Use that to help destroy his career. #MAGA