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Bruce Beck
New York City
Lead Sports Anchor WNBC-TV; Host -Sports Final; Host-RU. Love wife, life, sons, daughters-in-law, Emmy, Savannah & Ethan Insta:@brucebeck4NY FB: BruceBeckSports
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From @BruceBeck4NY
Daniel Jones on his debut: 5-5 1st drive which resulted in a TD! “It went well. Good start for us. It was a good fe…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BruceBeck4NY: kneeball is pathetic. It's like if you took a soccer game, slowed it way down, dumbed it way down, paused between *every* pass, and mixed in a healthy dose of yagli guresh & gladiator movies. (NTTAWWT).
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From @BobPapa_NFL
We go LIVE @NBCNewYork 7pm & @nflnetwork @Giants host @nyjets @MetLifeStadium. Join @CarlBanksGIII @BruceBeck4NY…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BobPapa_NFL: kneeball is done. Lawsuits & legislation will bring NFL down, no sane parents want their kids playing it, attendance/ratings are down, they've alienated their audience, & no one wants to watch a sport with hostile players. Try a real sport. #football = #soccer