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Op-ed: 7 reasons why we're still better off with Trump than Clinton
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@nypost Such #FakeNews, @mgoodwin_nypost engaging in pure fiction - what might have happened under HRC Presidency.…
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.@chaser1066: @mgoodwin_nypost can't even conceive of being a citizen & demanding more from politicians. Concerted effort could have made both Trump & HRC better, but Goodwin's just a sheeple. Now he's got his treat: a shoutout from Trump. #NYPost
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RT @LouDobbs: Travel Ban Ruling- @mgoodwin_nypost: “Smashing victory for the power of the presidency to keep the country safe.” #MAGA #Trum…
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.@deepcow: @jackhauman @mgoodwin_nypost unwittingly admitted Trump wasn't keeping USA safe before: #NYPost