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Between Tampa & Orlando
Lifelong So.Dem & Civil Trial Paralegal in State & Federal Cts. Disabled, but still fighting for equality for all. NoDMs #Resist #VoteDem #TheResistance
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RT @AdamsFlaFan: "It’s a lesson as old as European settlement of the present-day United States: Treating migrant workers as property for th…
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Yet The Atlantic enables that. The only way to prevent it is to strictly enforce #immigration laws & they don't want that. #resist MT @PassarelliAllan [nobodies in #TheAtlantic say "Treating migrant workers as property for the benefit of others leads to terrible consequences"]
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.@AdamsFlaFan: what exactly have I done to you to deserve such a tirade, ma'am?
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MT @AdamsFlaFan [a moi] @PortiaABoulger Fuck the Duggars and fuck you too.// Horrors, Vivian, a Southern grandmother speaking like that??
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U R a fool & sure don't care about grandma or grandpa. U spew BS of those who could care less about 99% #fail @24AheadDotCom @AdamsFlaFan