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New York Times editorial board, covering politics and all things New York. Subway rider. Rockaway Beachgoer. Cities.
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Make My Sexual Assault Count
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From @JacksNW
@MaraGay @nytopinion β€œFor so many of us, this week has been a collective mourning, a deluge of grief and trauma. We…
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At the #NYTimes, @MaraGay blogs "Make My Sexual Assault Count" w/ a "Believe Women" pic. Do women lie at a lower rate than men? Should we replace due process with blind, agenda-driven belief (a la MAGA)? Instead of making Kavanaugh your scapegoat, why not choose a random male?
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.@JacksNW: is "[Reflexively] Believe Women" any more logical than "[Reflexively] Believe Kavanaugh"? GatewayPundit does the second, you & @MaraGay do the first. Welcome to Jim Hoft's world.