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the bury
girl dad x2 ESMD born and raised, got away for a bit but now I'm back #orioles #redskins
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From @PaulRieckhoff
This is a lie. This person is misleading anyone who reads this. Regardless of your politics or his, @PeteButtigieg’…
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From @PaulRieckhoff
If you want to hear @PeteButtigieg explain his process of joining the military—in a discussion with someone who kno…
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From @foodguyrob
@PaulRieckhoff @PeteButtigieg @angryamericans It's really a scary place where we are. Right wing fearmongerer radi…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Has anything @PaulRieckhoff ever said had any impact on Trump? So, why enable him rather than demanding he finally uses Trump's huge vulnerabilities *to his base* to undercut him to his base? MT @foodguyrob [Trump era is scary]