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Betsy Fischer Martin
Washington, DC/Northern VA
Executive Director, Women & Politics Institute @AU_SPA @WPIatAU /Former Exec @NBCNews & EP @MeetthePress /NOLA bred/mom of teen/wife of @jmartNYT
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RT @AU_SPA: SPA's @BFischerMartin and co-host @haddadmedia talk #Election2016 campaign strategy w/ @taddevine and @katiepack:…
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.@BFischerMartin @AU_SPA: Trump's immigration plans are 100% weak because they're unrealistic. You won't hear that from @katiepack. #tcot
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RT @BFischerMartin: The woman behind anti-Trump suprPAC @katiepack tells @MastersPodcast why on earth Romney reached out to Trump in '12 ht…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BFischerMartin: @katiepack helped Romney lose, now she's too dumb & irrational to stop Trump. She might as well work for Trump. #Trump2016