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Anywhere liberals aren't.
🚫libnuts🚫porn🚫 patience for anything that isn't red white and blue. I want my country back. #maga #kag. Walk towards the 🔥.
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From @RichardVeii
Dear @Twitter Please bring back @RealJamesWoods. He has been punished long enough for breaking your so-called rule…
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From @aaronjhill
@RichardVeii @JayneMachacek @Twitter @RealJamesWoods He has been suspended again?! For what? @jack @vijaya…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@aaronjhill @RichardVeii @JayneMachacek: cons consistently help Twitter censorship by falsely pretending only cons are impacted. If cons cared about someone other than those who march in lockstep with them, Twitter would be in a world of hurt & fewer cons would be censored.