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The not so free Maryland
A man who claims no glory nor owes no debt due to the deeds of another. Love of country and family only possible for the love of God. Unyielding in principle.
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Trump's speech today is the best persuasion I have ever seen. Game over. Now running unopposed: #Trump #Clinton
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From @AG2Pearl
@ScottAdamsSays @fireclan55 Canned speech doesn't change the fact that he is a racist and has a history of failures.
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From @ScottAdamsSays
@AG2Pearl @fireclan55 You can't change facts. Nor can you change your illusions that are generated by confirmation bias. But I can.
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From @AG2Pearl
@ScottAdamsSays @fireclan55 I see, Chulmped by Trump and in denial of objective reality. You can't convert 4 bankruptcies into successes.
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From @ScottAdamsSays
@AG2Pearl @fireclan55 Trump has his name on about 500 entities. Several did not work. He's an entrepreneur. Learn about business.
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From @ogdenonpolitics
@ScottAdamsSays @AG2Pearl @fireclan55 And, Scott, please study up on how many go thru Chap 11 BK. Trump is way ahead on that score.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ogdenonpolitics: Scott Adams also ignores how Trump's plans would all fail miserably. He was actually management. He's no engineer. #tcot