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.@BamaRidger: Trump calls Liz Warren names instead of undercutting her to her base over immigration. Is that 4d chess to @ScottAdamsSays?
.@andilnx: Trump's twice admitted #MuslimBan made USA *less* safe. Has @ScottAdamsSays explained how that's 12th dimensional chess? #MAGA
Several months ago I told @ScottAdamsSays that if Trump won his career would be over. We're getting closer. #MAGA #resist #Dilbert
LOL! Say, has @ScottAdamsSays explained how DJT Jr. hiring mob lawyer is 4d chess? MT @gbroh10 RT @KingBroly: Trump has broken [Jim Acosta]
.@DoctorWerner44: either Trump doesn't really oppose voter fraud, or he's incompetent. What's the @ScottAdamsSays "4d chess" explanation?
.@DoctorWerner44: either Trump chose Kobach so voter fraud comm would fail, or Trump didn't know how incompetent Kobach is. @ScottAdamsSays
.@DoctorWerner44: how does Kobach fit into the @ScottAdamsSays "4d chess" theory, given that Kobach has consistently failed at his plans?
.@ggg217: re the Barbara Jordan quote in your bio, has @ScottAdamsSays explained how Trump supporting anti-American DREAMAct is 4d chess?
.@elwoodharry @dpinsen: has @ScottAdamsSays splaind how Trump continuing Obama's amnesty is 4d chess & won't "persuade" more illegal aliens?
MT @elwoodharry @dpinsen @ScottAdamsSays The Wall is already up persuasion-wise, illegal immigration is down 78% since Trump was elected
.@theratzpack: has @ScottAdamsSays blogged about how Trump continuing Obama's unconstitutional amnesty is 4d chess or something? #MAGA?
.@ukloner: by Trump's own admission, his actions led to dangerous people entering USA. Has @ScottAdamsSays explained that away?
.@tkinder @Hublife: has @ScottAdamsSays commented on Trump's tweet about Sadiq Khan being like taqiyya chess? #MAGA
MT @CherylReynolds RT @MicMarsSays: @ScottAdamsSays, professor George Lakoff of UC Berkeley provides evidence shto Trump on master persuader
Dilbert has never been able to answer any of my policy Q's. MT @BeingSentinel RT @MustangGirl3: @mcuban would never debate @ScottAdamsSays
.@ScottAdamsSays has fairly recently blocked me: Dilbert's scared out of his little mind. #MAGA #resist
Besides opposing your Lider, what has Cuban done that earns that? MT @writermelle @vogel_jim @ScottAdamsSays mark Cuban is a traitorous toad
.@JamesS020770: Trump cheered Gianforte's win. Would 1st Amdt supporter do that? Which side do @ScottAdamsSays & @mcuban fall on re that?
.@subschneider: has @ScottAdamsSays explained how Trump helping Obama continue his #immigration agenda is 12th dim chess? #MAGA #resist
Unclear on that whole 1st Amdt thing -> MT @ScottAdamsSays I tell you why it is time to eliminate presidential press briefings // #resist
.@Jake_Witmer: even on #Fox, @ScottAdamsSays might have to explain how Trump helping Obama continue his agenda is 12th Dimensional Chess.
He refuses to answer questions: @Jake_Witmer @ScottAdamsSays is the most entertaining ongoing pol pundit
.@KPhed: a year ago Trump helped ISIS by falsely claiming USA cowers in fear. Ask @ScottAdamsSays fans if that's 12 dim chess. #MAGA #resist
.@AaronJFentress @theeJamesBrooks: point out to @ScottAdamsSays fans that he thinks Trump's failed #MuslimBan is 12 dim chess. #resist
.@AdamLenter @benbreckenridge: 99% of @ScottAdamsSays dupes oppose DREAMAct & BLM. Trump supports 1st, flubbed opposing 2nd. Use against him
.@NicoleChester @KRKirkwood: FYI, here are some more ways to undercut @ScottAdamsSays to his fans: Help out!
.@walden @JBrooks191 @pbreit: ISIS will kill the mole Trump in effect revealed. Point that out to @ScottAdamsSays / Dilbert fans
.@silentrunning12: Breitbart has a $ motive too. What's @ScottAdamsSays motive? What % of electricity does #Texas get from #WindPower?
About Trump's near treason MT @ScottAdamsSays News alert: Fake News happening
.@silentrunning12: you cheer @ScottAdamsSays on climate change. Like Trump, he hates #WindPower; Trump has a $ motive: his scot golf course.
.@MichaelEMann: my @ScottAdamsSays take is designed to undercut him to his fans: Just help out. #VVattsUpWithThat
.@WedgeAloha @neoviky: FYI, how to undercut @ScottAdamsSays (Dilbert) to his supporters: #resist #TheResistance
.@TuckyWilliams @vijayramnath: @ScottAdamsSays 's shtick masks fact he & his idol lack smarts/patriotism to undercut DREAMAct, BLM, etc.
.@crits_happen @ZebraBrat @BleacherMark: re @ScottAdamsSays, #Texas gets good % of electricity from #WindPower. Is Dilbo smarter than them?
.@crits_happen @ZebraBrat: re @ScottAdamsSays & #WindPower, Mercers (co-owners of #Breitbart & Trump) are very pro fossil fuels. #GoldenRule
.@ScottAdamsSays says of Delingpole's anti-#WindPower post: "This appears to be another case gde Trump is right [despite what others think]"
.@lenlayton: an example of Trump's incompetence even @ScottAdamsSays could understand: Help use to undercut Dilbo
.@Grimerica: @ScottAdamsSays thinks Trump is a super secret genius, even as 26% more think MSM is credible (Quinnipiac). Sad. #MAGA? #resist
.@UTHornsRawk @dmartosko: a new @ScottAdamsSays cartoon, slightly modified by me: #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@shootersix: Trump is too weak-minded to oppose the anti-American DREAM Act. Is that #MAGA as @ScottAdamsSays says?
.@shootersix: when Trump had a chance to undercut BLM & lacked patriotism to do it, was that #MAGA as @ScottAdamsSays says?
MT @ScottAdamsSays [Trump is secret genius, al-Trump al-akbar!] MT @shootersix Even George Will is on this three-wheeled bandwagon.
.@RinoRooter @Rommel_102nd: Trump admitted his #MuslimBan & sanctuary cities plan made USA less safe. That's "winning" per @ScottAdamsSays.
Was #MuslimBan a good idea? Sanctuary cities plan? MT @RinoRooter RT @Rommel_102nd: @ScottAdamsSays another WaPo admission Trump is winning
.@ScottAdamsSays: in Sep, I told you "If Trump wins your career is over". NAFTA, Trump Wall, #MuslimBan... your scam is almost over.
.@floridayys: non-secular Turkey is a huge problem for USA. Trump congratulated Erdogan on his win. Is that 12th dim chess? @ScottAdamsSays
Now if he'd only have some patriotism. #MAGA MT @floridayys @ScottAdamsSays continues to be right on target with Health Care predictions!
.@BydeepS: did @ScottAdamsSays also call #Turkey going back on decades of secularism on Trump's watch, congratulated by Trump? #MAGA #resist
.@BydeepS: @ScottAdamsSays RTs you saying he "called it", about him predicting we'd hack North Korea's nukes even tho everyone knows that.
.@eddiecool: I predicted in Dec 2015 how #MuslimBan would fail. Did @ScottAdamsSays try to keep your idol from his massive fail? #MAGA