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Analyst and reporter on @espnNBA and @ESPNCBB * Mother of 2 amazing kids * PC Friar for life
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.@heydb: Ball In Hoop is 2 hours of completely pointless, fungible "goals" followed by 20 minutes (10 seconds on the clock) of pointless fouls in a completely arbitrary battle of attrition. Try a real sport: #soccer #NBA
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.@heydb is "Analyst and reporter on espnNBA and ESPNCBB". Which is the same as #ESPN because the only sport they play is basketball. Often on 3 channels at the same time! ESPN has nothing for the majority of sports fans. They need to show winter baseball & soccer too.
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.@heydb @sportsiren @DougFeinberg: #ESPN shows Cornhole Championship, Stihl Lumberjack, etc. They showed a doc about Serbian #soccer but can't spend $5k to get a local feed of Serbian soccer matches even tho they'd make many times more. Just how incredibly dim are ESPN suits?