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#Trump🚂 #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp #Trump2020 #VETS #Military 🇺🇸PROUD mother of a wounded soldier. Vegan. Blessed w/twins, a beautiful grandson,& 2 great dogs.
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.@lsmith4680: Trump is pro-amnesty, he's not going to end #immigration. He wants to *increase* it. There's no need to "figure out" DACA: it's amnesty & anyone who opposes amnesty should oppose it (Trump doesn't). Even if Trump Wall is built, Dems/GOP can easily tear it down.
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Is either a drunk at the end of a TN bar or plays one real good -> MT @lsmith4680 I'm SICK & TIRED of the left picking on First Lady Melania! Know what I think? I think Trump should end ALL immigation until DACA is figured out, Illegal immigration is stopped & our Wall is built!
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@mitchellvii @AnnCoulter I stopped listening to her rhetoric a long time ago. She whines almost as much as a liberal!
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.@lsmith4680 @mitchellvii: @AnnCoulter cheered a psycho who drove into a protest: Get MSM to take out the trash